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    Compatible with any device with WiFi; ie Laptops, Tablets, Mobile phones, etc., simply turn your WiFi on, scan for BaseSPOT signal, connect and browse. You must be within proximity of our BaseSPOT Basestation to have direct to WIFI access.

  • BaseSPOT Plus

    Fix monthly “UNLIMITED” internet service for Home and Office available as; Bronze - Home Use and Silver - Office Use. (FUP Policy Applies).

  • BaseSPOT Enterprise

    Affordable enterprise solutions for businesses. We have design our own alternative and highly efficient solutions to enterprise technologies that rivals and surpass mainstream technologies. Our solutions includes; Dedicated Internet (Lagos, Abuja, PHC, Enugu, Benin & Warri), Enterprise Networking, Data Hosting in our private Data Centre, Software and Hardware Solutions.

What Is It?

BaseSPOT is a revolutionary internet broadband company that seeks to redefine internet access.
Our mission is: To Provide Affordable & Reliable Broadband as the preferred Network.

We offer DATA, VOICE & MEDIA in special packages. BaseSPOT is also an ISP distribution network for enterprise Grade solutions.

Who Can Use BaseSPOT?

ISP's ICT Firms SME's/Corporations Home/Personal Institution

All/ hourly plans

Converage Areas

- Ojokoro Newtown Road, Agric, Ikorodu, Lagos.
- Shobanke, Isawo Road, Agric, Ikorodu, Lagos.
- Sholarin Avenue, Agric, Ikorodu, Lagos.

...More Locations Coming Soon

All/ monthly plans / shared

  • Bronze - Home (150GB FUP) / ₦6,800 Buy Now
  • Silver - Office (250GB FUP) / ₦15,800 Buy Now
  • Gold Dedicated 'per Mbit' / From ₦45,800 - Discount available from 5MB above Buy Now
Converage Areas

- Ikorodu - West, Lagos State.
- Ikorodu - North, Lagos State.
- Igbogo/Bayeku, Lagos State.
- Ijede, Lagos State.
- Ikosi Isheri, Lagos State.

Some locations may need survey.

...More Locations Coming Soon

All/ BaseSPOT Add-on Services

  • Lagos, Abuja, PHC, Enugu, Benin & Warri
  • WAN Bandwidth Distribution Fee 'per Mbit'
  • Collocation Fee
  • Public IP Addressing
  • Cloud Hosting Solutions
  • Server Hosting
  • Cloud Antivirus and Filtering
  • Networking Design, Installation and Consultation
  • Website, Software Designs, Programming & Automations
  • App Development
  • ICT Training
Converage Areas

- All Dedicated Internet & Enterprise Networking Available Nationwide
Buy Now
Data Centre Hosting

With our Data Center Services, you get the accompanying specialized advantages:

* Physical space.
* Uninterruptible Power facilitated by Green Energy.
* IP/Internet connections.
* Environmental controls (ex. air conditioning and fire suppression).
* Physical Security & Access Control Security – 24 x 7 with Video Surveillance.
* Remote hands.
* Floor Space & Equipment Optional Rack (42U).
* LAN/WAN - Gigabit Ethernet /IP MPLS/Internet.
* Network/Data Security - IPSec & Firewall.
* Environmental monitoring & reporting, 99.9% availability.
* Remote hands + Auto-notification of prolonged power outage.

Data Centre Pricing
Dish Radio 0.1 - 0.5m / ₦100,000 / mo.
0.6 - 0.9m / ₦180,000 / mo.
1 - 3m / Contact Us
Sector Radio Contact Us
Rack Space 1U / ₦5,000 / mo.
Power 1Watt / ₦250 / mo.
Rack Space + Bandwidth 1U + 10mbps / ₦60,000 / mo.
Additional 1U / ₦5,000 / mo.
Additional 10Mbps / ₦60,000 / mo.
Power 1Watt / ₦250 / mo.
Tariff Terms

* Prepaid, burstable speed of Upto 25Mb/s on an advertised 2mb/s speed. (1mb/s to 15Mb/s typical).
* SLA 98.9%.
* FUP Policy of '150Gb' on all tariff except, Silver with '250GB'.
* Bronze & Silver Access 'unlimited' but speed throttled after GB limit exceeded.
* Gold is Per Mbit, Unlimited, CIR & Full duplex Per Month.
* Distribution Fee is negotiable Per Mbit.
* Gold, Distribution & Collocation Fee is also payable via E-invoice advice.
* Flexible contract monthly, quarterly or yearly.
* Locations outside Lagos attracts truck charges.
* Terms subject to changes.

For help, kindly call/SMS our interactive support lines below to speak with our customer service specialist. For BaseSPOT PAYG Users, have your username and password ready. For BaseSPOT Plus Users, have your client ID and email address handy.

Gold and Enterprise Users should call their dedication account officers.

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